Thursday, July 1, 2010

KALIMERA! For us Greeks, It's More Than a Word - It's a Way of Life!

Kalimera... means good morning. But thats not all...

It means a new day has begun. A day full of sun, sea, joy, happiness, a day full of hope. A day that follows a magical, musical night and leads to something even more promising.

A new beginning, a chance to meet new friends, experience new tastes, discover an ancient civilisation and live your dreams. As the Greek warm, morning light takes over, inspiration, inner peace and love, are only a grasp away.

«Good morning» is always said with a smile and heartfelt hospitality. 

For us Greeks, «Kalimera» is more than a word, its a way of life.

From the Greek National Tourism Organisation's summer campaign...

From us to everyone in our Global Greek World -

Kalimera !!!

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