Saturday, May 8, 2010

About Time! 50 PASOK MPs Demand Thorough Purging and Transparency for the Greek Political System

 Parliament Chambers 
Source:  Eleftherotypia Daily Newspaper

We welcome a move by 50 PASOK MPs who have submitted a letter to the Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou and the Speaker of the House, Philippos Petsalnikos requesting an extensive review of the personal wealth and assets of all Ministers, MPs, and Government officials. 

If the results are found to be inconsistent with each official's  earnings ability they recommend that the properties and/or other assets be confiscated and returned to the State.

Following a proposal by veteran PASOK MP Vaso Papandreou, in their letter, the 50 MPs, mainly from the rural areas of Greece, advise that the public outcry, the ridicule and the daily attacks that MPs are being subjected to by all sectors of the public, including the Press, make it imperative that the political system in Greece be throroughly 'cleaned up'  and that transparency surround all aspects of Greek Public life, in order to restore it's ethos or morality to the Greek Political System as well as regain the respect of the people the MPs are supposed to serve... 

All we can add is that it's way overdue but better late than never. Why don't the other 250 MPs support the request and add their names? Tell us what you think - Vote in the sidebar poll.

To read the article in Greek from the daily newspaper Eleftherotypia  Click Here

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  1. As Greek citizens, WE should have already demanded it from them. We should have all gathered at Syntagma and signed such a demand-petition and sent it to the Greek Parliament. This is the real meaning of effective protesting. Not just breaking cars and shops by foolish anarchists or communists or fascists or whatever else. Well done to these MPs.


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