Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Greek Economic Crisis :To Greece's Politicians - Do it Like Kapodistrias - Lead by Example! Voluntarily Take a Salary Cut !

New austerity measures to get Greece out of the Economic crisis it is facing were announced today  in Athens. Measures which will bring some households to their knees but which have been deemed essential if Greece is to avert economic disaster.

At the same time as the people are being asked to tighten their belts further, the above letter brought to our attention today, advises that Members of Parliament will be exempted from the 10% budget cut imposed on 25 January 2010!!!

What kind of double standards are these? How can the  MPs elected by the people expect these same people to take a cut in their salaries but exempt themselves?

Greece's  politicians and political leaders should be leading by example and volunteering to take a 10% cut in their own salaries!They should be following the example of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the First Governor of Greece, who refused to touch public money, judging that his income was sufficient for him to live on.

Where are the Kapodistrias of today?

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  1. Capt Fotis G.March 04, 2010

    The measures it was a easy step to
    impose the burdens to the Greek families,it is essential to put in prison those politicians that created such economical crisis,however all of them are here
    around and doubt if they succeed....
    God bless GREECE....

  2. Not only the Greek politicians should not be exempted from the salary cuts but they should also pay severe penalties for this mess they are mainly responsible for. Not to mention that Greek citizens paying 300 - some of them useless and corrupted - Greek MPs is too much. I d like to see them reduced


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