Sunday, March 21, 2010

Global Greek World: Today we are ONE! Happy Birthday to us!!! Χρονια Μας Πολλά!!!

St George Lykavettos - 1st day of Spring - Sunday 21st March 2010

Today is our first birthday and of course we are dedicating this post to our readers and wonderful friends around the world!!!

We have had a great first year at Global Greek World, and we would like to thank you all for taking the time to visit us and leave comments, either here, on Twitter,  or on our Global Greek World Facebook Page

Please feel free to follow us and stay informed of what goes on.

Over these last twelve months we have made a lot of wonderful new friends, we have had readers visit us from 117 countries - with the USA, Greece, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia topping the list. According to our site statistics visitors have come from the following countries:

United States (US)
Greece (GR)
Canada (CA)
United Kingdom (GB)
Australia (AU)
New Zealand (NZ)
Germany (DE)
France (FR)
Mexico (MX)
Netherlands (NL)
Belgium (BE)
Brazil (BR)
Spain (ES)
Italy (IT)
Poland (PL)
Romania (RO)
Cyprus (CY)
Switzerland (CH)
India (IN)
Turkey (TR)
Sweden (SE)
Japan (JP)
Austria (AT)
Philippines (PH)
Argentina (AR)
South Africa (ZA)
Hungary (HU)
Colombia (CO)
Ireland (IE)
Macedonia (MK)
Denmark (DK)
Indonesia (ID)
Serbia (RS)
Malaysia (MY)
Portugal (PT)
Bulgaria (BG)
Finland (FI)
Saudi Arabia (SA)
United Arab Emirates (AE)
Russian Federation (RU)
Czech Republic (CZ)
Croatia (HR)
Peru (PE)
Norway (NO)
Pakistan (PK)
Taiwan (TW)
Thailand (TH)
Ukraine (UA)
Chile (CL)
Slovakia (SK)
Luxembourg (LU)
Singapore (SG)
Venezuela (VE)
Latvia (LV)
Costa Rica (CR)
Jordan (JO)
Korea, Republic of (KR)
Hong Kong (HK)
Malta (MT)
Iran, Islamic Republic of(IR) 
Nigeria (NG)
Puerto Rico (PR)
Togo (TG) 
Oman (OM)
Slovenia (SI)
Ecuador (EC)
Georgia (GE)
Egypt (EG)
Israel (IL)
Lithuania (LT)
Benin (BJ)
Trinidad and Tobago (TT)
Albania (AL)
Kuwait (KW)
China (CN)
Algeria (DZ)
Guatemala (GT)
Bolivia (BO)
Cote D'Ivoire (CI)
Lebanon (LB) 
Honduras (HN)
Sri Lanka (LK) 
Panama (PA)
Senegal (SN)
Netherlands Antilles (AN)
Moldova, Republic of (MD)
El Salvador (SV)
Estonia (EE)
Monaco (MC)
Uruguay (UY)
Anguilla (AI)
Montenegro (ME)
Qatar (QA)
Ghana (GH)
Aruba (AW)
Nicaragua (NI)
Faroe Islands (FO)
Brunei Darussalam (BN)
Vietnam (VN)
Guadeloupe (GP)
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ)
Macau (MO)
Syrian Arab Republic (SY)
Morocco (MA)
Asia/Pacific Region (AP)
Palestinian Territory (PS)
Iraq (IQ)
Cayman Islands (KY)
Haiti (HT)
Liechtenstein (LI)
Guam (GU)
Burkina Faso (BF)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
Myanmar (MM)
Armenia (AM)
Dominican Republic (DO)
Mongolia (MN)

Above all, it has been a great year for Global Greeks! 

Our Global Greeks have made headlines in many parts of the world, Dr Nicholas Christakis was named one of TIME's most influential people, Louie Psyhoyos got an Oscar for The Cove, George Efstathiou was the architect behind the worlds's tallest building,The Burj Khalifa, Greg Pappas inaugurated the Gabby Awards, promoting Greek America's best and brightest and many many more...

It hasn't been such great a year for Greece and we have featured quite a few articles on the economic crisis for those who care about this country, who have worked hard to keep the flag flying in every corner of the world and who want to know more...

We believe Greece will pull through but not without hardship in the short term of course, and undeservedly for some. In the long run, we think the Prime Minister George Papandreou, a Global Greek himself, is on the right track, but we cannot keep blaming others for Greece's difficulties. 

It is Greece's political parties, along with the system of governance which has allowed the Public Service to be blown up to these enormous numbers in places where such numbers are not necessary yet falling desperately short of numbers exactly where they are needed -  in the police force and in the beleaguered health services and schools to name just a few... 

It is Greece's politicians and successive governments who have fed that monster called corruption, either directly or indirectly, and especially by not ensuring that the laws of the country are enforced equally for everyone, thus opening Greece up for sometimes unfair criticism from many so-called allies. We do not deserve to be branded lazy, corrupt or crooked because of a small and selfish minority. 

If those who were responsible for the corruption  scandals of Vatopedio, Siemens, the Omologa and many others in the last 20 years, scandals which have cast such a terrible light on Greece and it's Governments, can be identified, and we are sure they can, then they should be punished exemplarily, no matter who they are.  

No one should be above the law no matter how high up they may be and it takes someone with a lot of guts to ignore the political cost of cleaning up the public sector. 

We think the people of Greece have had enough and they will support the efforts of anyone who does this job, and we believe that George Papandreou and his Government can do it.

Unless the laws are enforced and justice is seen to be done at all levels then the people cannot be asked to make sacrifices in the hope of ensuring a better future for their children!  

Greece has so much going for it! We believe in Greece and the achievements of our Global Greeks wherever in the world they are, and will continue to highlight all the  positive things we see.

We thank you for visiting but we also want your feedback. Please don't hesitate to let us know whether you like what you read and what you would like to see more of in the future!

Efharistoume Poly!! Ευχαριστούμε Πολύ!!! Thanks a million!!!!

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