Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Global Greek Solidarity: Liz Inreich-Papadopoulou Pledges her Pension of 538 Euro to the Greek Solidarity Fund! Bravo!

 Liz Inreich-Papadopoulou, with her family
Source: Ta Nea

I'm not rich, my pension is only 538 euro, but I believe that we mustn't let Greece sink! 

«Δεν είμαι καμιά πλούσια, η σύνταξή μου είναι μόλις 538 ευρώ, αλλά πιστεύω ότι δεν θα πρέπει να αφήσουμε τη χώρα να βουλιάξει»

These are the words, words that are noble in their simplicity, of  Mrs Liz Inreich-Papadopoulou, who, following Nana Mouskouri's example, has pledged her monthly pension of 538 euro to the Solidarity Fund set up to pay off Greece's huge external debt as reported in today's issue of Ta Nea (in Greek).

Unlike Nana however, she is not a world famous singer with a long and illustrious international career, so her pledge is even more touching. Mrs Papadopoulou is what we would call an honorary Greek, a Greek at heart. She is a Danish national married to a Greek and resident of Greece for the last 33 years, a woman who like many thousand others, loves Greece and has adopted it as her home.

Mrs Inreich-Papadopoulou believes that everyone should contribute so that Greece gets out of this difficult economic crisis. To that end, she is prepared to donate her pension and make personal sacrifices to help the country she lives in and loves, and whose army her two sons have served faithfully. Her husband Mihalis and her sons Demokritos and George are right behind her in this pledge.

'George Papandreou is fighting a very tough battle abroad and each and every one of us should stand next to him, contributing in every way we can to avoid financial disaster'

We agree, Mrs Inreich-Papdopoulou, and we thank you for your overwhelming generosity

We at Global Greek World  thank you for your wonderful gesture and hope that your example is a shining beacon and a guiding light for many of our compatriots.

Greece has always been fortunate in that respect, because there are many rich and famous Greeks who have been major benefactors of Greece over the years out of their love for their homeland.

Perhaps it is time for all of us, wherever in the world we are, to see what we too can do to help, each in our own small way, in our communities all over the world.

On the eve of the 25th March, the anniversary of Greece's uprising against the Turkish occupier in 1821, and after 400 years of slavery, perhaps it is once again time for another kind of Filiki Etaireia, led by Global Greeks from all over the world to band together once more and show their solidarity and support for the Greece that we all love and want to see survive.

Think about it!

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