Thursday, February 4, 2010

Global Greece: Happy Tsiknopempti - Καλή Τσικνοπέμπτη!!!

Delicious grilled meat just right for Tsikno-Thursday!
Photo Source: Sophia Economou

Today is Tsiknopempti - literally, smokey Thursday - and as this week is traditionally the last meat-eating week before Lent, it has been named as the Thursday when everybody goes out on the town to eat traditionally grilled meat...tsikna is the smell associated with meat being grilled!

Tavernas around Greece are generally jam packed on this day as most people go out and celebrate the carnival in style, whether they are in masquerade or not! Be sure to book wherever you may be going or you may be disappointed! 

Tsiknopempti, February 4, 2010
In Athens
• Varvakios Market, 11:30: We will celebrate with traditional meat-based treats provided by the Butchers' Association and Greek popular music performed by Yiorgos Vendouzas
Plaka: A musical stroll with the City of Athens Music Ensembles Choir.
• Kaniggos Square, 17:30: Music by the Youth and Sport Organisation Youth
City of Athens Technopolis, 18:00: Musical evening for senior citizens: With Maria Kanellopoulou (Retro - Greek popular music)
For a complete Carnival Programme for the City of Athens, Click Here

In London
A celebration of Greek Carnival with food, music and Greek dancing organised by Lykion ton Hellinidon.
Great Hall, Hellenic Centre,
16-18 Paddington Street,
London W1U 5AS.
Further information and bookings on 020 8441 6332 or 020 820183332
To read more about Carnival Events in London, Click Here 

If you want to stay inside and celebrate, join Spyros Papadopoulos and his friends for a  top quality Tsiknopempti celebration on Stin Ygeia Mas on Greek Television's NET this evening, available on ERT-Satellite as well!

(Photo Source: ERT)

Kali Diaskedasi, wherever in the Global Greek World you are today!

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