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Global Greek Events:11th Capital Link Forum in NY: Positioning Greece for the Rebound

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Today, Greece is at a particularly challenging threshold. The new government will focus on positioning the Greek economy to participate in the global recovery through a series of initiatives that will improve the country`s macro-economic fundamentals.

As the global economic recovery is on the way, Greece can take advantage of its unique and inherent competitive advantages as a safe gateway to Southeastern Europe for international investors. The global economic recovery may present business and investment opportunities in Greece.

The Forum gathers annually a select group in excess of 500 business and political leaders from the USA and Greece. Our target audience is the management of top US corporations, institutional investors, commercial and investment bankers, financial advisors and brokers, analysts, and prominent Greek Americans with an active interest or involvement with Greece and the greater region.

This year`s Invest in Greece Forum marks eleven years of consistent and laborious efforts to raise awareness about Greece as an investment destination to a wider investor audience.

For the fifth consecutive year, our conference is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness & Shipping and the recently appointed Minister Mrs. Louka Katseli will be the Keynote Speaker.

Luncheon & Keynote Address:
Minister of Economy, Competitiveness & Shipping of Greece: Mrs. Louka Katseli

Forum Topics & Presentations on:

The Greek Economy
  • Government Economic Policy & Initiatives
  • Privatization Program - Investment & Business Opportunities in Greece
  • Public & Private Partnerships Developments & Opportunities
The Global Shipping Markets Today
  • Greek Shipping A Global Force
  • Dry Bulk & Tanker Panels
The Greek Stock Market
  • Investment Opportunities for Foreign Investors
  • Mergers Acquisitions and Capital Market Trends in Europe and Implications for the Greek Economy
  • The Athens Exchange
  • Financial Disclosure & Corporate Governance in Greece
Sector & Listed Company Presentations
  • Aerospace & Defense (Hellenic Aerospace Industry)
  • Energy (Hellenic Petroleum)
  • Food & Beverage (Coca Cola Hellenic)
  • Telecommunications (OTE)
  • Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics (ALAPIS)
  • Banking (BANK OF ATTICA)
  • Real Estate & Development

Nicolas Bornozis, President, Capital Link - New York

Nicolas Bornozis, one of our dynamic and enterprising Global Greeks is the founder and President of Capital Link. One of the first to recognise the enormous significance of the field of Investor Relations and with extensive experience in the US banking and capital markets, Nicholas established Capital Link in 1995 after many years as President of the New York securities brokerage subsidiary of Credit Commercial de France, and before that as a commercial banker with Credit Commercial de France in New York focusing on business development, and lending to the Wall Street firms and to international shipping, and with Bankers Trust Company in New York in international banking.

In 1996 Nicolas founded and managed, Alexander Capital, L.P., an SEC/NASD registered U.S. broker/dealer firm, which developed securities brokerage and investment banking business in the Greek, Egyptian and Russian markets and sold it at the end of 2003 to a group of US investors representing Russian interests. He also founded and managed Alexander Asset Management, Inc., which for a three year period (1998 – 2001) handled portfolios invested in the Greek and European equity markets on behalf of US investors.

Nicolas holds active
US securities licenses Series 7, 63, 24, 27, indicative of his street-driven business approach.

With an MBA from Harvard’s elite Business School and a Law Degree from the University of Athens, in Greece with specialization in commercial and corporate law and a graduate of prestigious Athens College in Greece, Nicolas is a member of the Hellenic American Bankers’ Association and for twelve years a Visiting Lecturer on International Banking and Finance at the City University Business School (Department for Shipping Trade and Finance) in London.

Nicolas has served as Chairman of the Investment Management Committee of the Harvard Business School Club in New York and as Chairman of the Athens College Alumni Association in America. Fluent in English and French as well as Greek, Nicolas has also written several articles on international banking and finance and has participated as speaker and panelist in several investment conferences in the US, Europe and Latin America.

Nicolas is married to Marie, whom he met as a Harvard MBA student and with their two lovely children, live in New York, with Nicolas spending a lot of his time commuting between the company offices in the US, Greece and the UK.

Nicolas and Olga Bornozis with Spiros Capralos,
Head of the Athens Stock Exchange

Olga Bornozi, Vice President, Capital Link - Athens

Olga Bornozi, is the force behind the Greek branch of Capital Link in Athens, established in 1998. Vice President of the company, Olga is a valuable member of various Chambers and Associations, such as the Hellenic – French Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Hellenic – American Chamber of Commerce, and others, and is a writer-contributor for several magazines in Greece.

A graduate of the
University of Geneva in Switzerland with a Bachelors degree in Political and Economic Sciences, Olga continued her studies at the Institute of International Studies (H.E.I.), in Geneva and obtained a Masters in Political Science and International Studies. She went on to obtain a second postgraduate degree with further specialization in Political Science and International Studies, from the Institut d’Etudes Europeennes of Geneva.

Olga began her career in Switzerland, as an Assistant to Professor Claude Dupraz, on a project of Industrial Design. Later on, she joined the Press and Information Desk of the General Consulate of Greece in Geneva, and then to G.I.E. SA Generale Import-Export SA as an Administrative Assistant. For many years she worked with the Latsis family on managerial welfare issues as well as on their personal public relations in Geneva, before returning to Greece to take up the position of Executive Assistant to Dr. Athanase Lavidas, President of LAVIPHARM SA, in Athens, with a specialisation in the organisation of International Conferences for Dr Lavidas and the company.

In 1996 she moved to the US, as the Public Relations Manager & Events Coordinator of Capital Link Inc in New York. She successfully organized the First Annual Conference of the New York International Forum, in April 1998.

In the meantime, wishing to contribute to the incredible success of the Athens Olympics, Olga dedicated 2 years to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, as Head of the Office of the Managing Director. During the Athens Olympics, Olga offered her very valuable services to the Organising Committee as a volunteer, and had been instrumental in promoting the cause to a lot of Global Greek celebrities including people like author Nicolas Gage, French Star Academy presenter and showman Nikos Alliagas, and others. Olga is well connected in the Global Greek World and has spent a lot of her time promoting causes dear to our hearts!

Nicolas and Olga, like many of our Global Greeks, have had the unstinting and generous support of their families in their rise to success. We pay particular tribute to their mother, Mrs A. Bornozi - a dynamic, intelligent woman who had the misfortune of being widowed early in life, but who, with her tremendous strength of character and true grit, a classic Greek Matriarch, did not hesitate to do everything in her power to ensure her children's success.

Nicolas and Olga, we in the Global Greek World are very proud of your achievements and wish both you and Capital Link an extremely successful forum next week!

Kali Epityxia!

About Capital Link

With its headquarters in New York and presence in London and Athens, Capital Link has been active since 1995 in the field of Investor Relations and Financial Communication, combining IR, IT and financial media in one comprehensive package and enabling Companies to maximize their penetration and recognition in the global investment community.

Capital Link maintains close collaboration with the three main US Stock Exchanges (New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange (now part of NYSE) and NASDAQ), the London Stock Exchange, the Athens Stock Exchange as well as numerous companies in Greece, Europe, US and Chile. It also organizes a series of Investment Forums focusing on its main activity fields in New York, London and Athens annually, linking companies with strategic and institutional investors, bankers, analysts, and the financial media in Europe and the United States.

Capital Link has a leading position globally in the area of Investor Relations with respect to shipping, as it cooperates with 25 shipping companies listed on the three US Stock Exchanges, as well as in London (LSE and AIM) and Milan.

Capital Link holds a leading position in US Closed-End funds and ETFs, as it cooperates with the major fund sponsors in these sectors. The Annual Capital Link “Closed-End Fund and Global ETF” Forum taking place in New York, already in its 8th year, is considered the most significant Forum of the sector. In the context of this Forum, Capital Link organizes the "Annual Closed-End Fund & Global ETF Awards" which recognize funds and managers who adhere to high standards of Corporate Governance, financial disclosure and Investor Relations. Capital Link also maintains a portal with information on these funds.

Capital Link has built one of the most extensive and effective networks for the promotion of Greek Listed Companies both in Greece , Europe and the United States targeting international investors. Indicative events of its activity are the decisive contribution of Capital Link to the signing of the Cooperation Memorandum between the New York and Athens Stock Exchanges in 2002, the organization of events for the OTE listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 1998, as well as the organization of the first visit by the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange to Athens in 2001.

The Annual Capital Link Forum on “Investing in Greece”, already in its 11th year, has been established as the most credible Forum for briefing US investors on the progress, developments and potential of the Greek economy, the stock market and Greek listed companies.

Capital Link also organizes the Annual Greek IR Awards, aimed at identifying and recognizing those Executives and Companies who adhere to high standards of Corporate Governance, financial disclosure and Investor Relations.

To read more about Capital Link Click here

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