Friday, October 16, 2009

Global Greek Media: Greek American Radio Show All Things Greek With Eleni Daniels. OPA!!!

Photo Source: Greek American Educational Public Information Systems (GAEPIS)

All Things Greek with Eleni Daniels, Friday, October 16, 2009,
7:00PM EST on WNYE 91.5FM and HD1

Hellenic Public Radio-Cosmos FM

Live web stream:

On the next All Things Greek, new film release OPA! opens today in select theaters nationwide and Actor Agni Scott talks about her lead role as KATERINA alongside Actor Matthew Modine (ERIC), and Dr. Alex Pattakos introduces his groundbreaking meaning and innovation work that led to The OPA Way!®

It's all about the quest for meaning in our life and the people and/or the ways in which we find it… First segment features Eleni Daniels' interview with Agni Scott, one of the lead actors of the new independent film release OPA! that opens today, Friday, October 16, in select theatres nationwide--a modern day treasure hunt for a mystical relic that turns into a love story for all time. Directed by Udayan Prasad, OPA! stars Matthew Modine, Agni Scott, Alki David and Richard Griffiths.

Story Synopsis
: On the magical Greek island of Patmos, the inhabitants have lived, danced, and laughed for thousands of years. But, with the arrival of a straight-laced, high-tech archaeologist, ERIC (Matthew Modine) everything could forever change. Eric soon finds himself swept into a world of picture-postcard scenery and romance. That is, until his satellite-guided equipment reveals that his most important find may be buried under the taverna owned by the object of his affection--the beautiful and uncompromising KATERINA (Agni Scott). Will Eric toss away a lifetime of work--and the hope of fulfilling his father's deepest wish--for the love of a vivacious and independent woman? Read more at

And in the second half of the hour-- Are you feeling unhappy or stressed? Out of balance with a lack of passion? Overwhelmed with increased responsibilities and change? Missing out on opportunities? Are you wondering if there is more to life than what you are experiencing? Well, Eleni's next guest says it's time to live and work The OPA Way!®

Dr. Alex Pattakos ("Aleko"), author of the international best-selling book, Prisoners of Our Thoughts
is a personal development pioneer who has helped many with the search for meaning in their personal and work lives. He is also a very proud Greek-American (of Cretan heritage) and a weekly columnist for The National Herald (ETHNIKOS KYRIX). Go to and for a brief history and profile of the groundbreaking meaning and innovation work that led to The OPA Way!®

All Things Greek with Eleni Daniels All Things Greek is making waves as a fresh approach to talk radio with a Hellenic twist. Segments include lively in-depth interviews with personalities, newsmakers, celebrities, and people who make a difference. "Now more than ever, it is important to create a forum where people, ideas and stimulating conversion meet for a common understanding of news, history and cultural awareness," says Eleni Daniels, executive producer and host. All Things Greek broadcasts on WNYE-FM's 91.5 and HD1 for Hellenic Public Radio-Cosmos FM (HPR) on alternate Fridays at 7pm ET reaching approximately 13 million households throughout the New York metro area and neighboring New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. Listener comments and suggestions are always welcome. Email:

Eleni Daniels is a native New Yorker, who began her love of radio and journalism with Cosmos FM in 1993. She is producer/talk host of the radio news journal All Things Greek, where her interviewing style and keen curiosity of diverse topics has endeared her to her listeners. As former executive director of GAEPIS, she led a successful advocacy campaign to save the ethnic voice on WNYE 91.5FM. She holds a BA from CUNY in French/Communications with graduate coursework at NYU. She is president/principal of DanielsMedia Co., providing consulting services on various arts & culture, educational and health/medical related projects.


  1. this reminds me of the days when we listened to the greek radio programme in nz - that;s all we could get, so that's what we listened to. this kind of programme wasnt available sadly - wish we could get it here too

  2. Absolutely. It is so much easier these days to stay in touch and being connected to Metropolitan Greece via the internet, it makes being Greek abroad so much easier to handle. You can listen to the orogrammes, by clicking on the live webstream on the post, and this gives you options as to what you want to listen to. We tried it and it works. Please let us know...


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