Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Global Greek Films: Don't Miss The Greek Heritage Society Documentary Premiere, The Promise of Tomorrow - The First Generation

The Promise of Tomorrow - The First Generation Documentary will Premiere on Thursday, November 12, 2009, in the presence of many of our Global Hollywood Greeks at the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.

If you can attend and support this great undertaking, please do, but book early! Click on poster above for details...

The Greek Heritage Society (GHS), a non profit organization, was established in 1985 to preserve the rich culture, heritage and traditions of Greek immigrants in Southern California.

It's website banner proudly proclaims the objective of it's existence: Preservation of American Hellenic History and indeed, this is what the Society has done!

To achieve this objective the Society has interviewed over 300 Greek immigrants and Greek Americans in Southern California in order to put their experiences on record.

Historical photos, private footage, and folk art treasures have been catalogued for present and future projects. The GHS has contributed photos to the Ellis Island Museum and continues to conduct oral histories of the Greek American community.

In 2002, during the 36th Biennial Clergy-Laity Congress in Los Angeles, it successfully presented a Historical and Folk Art Exhibit whilst in October 2005, on the 20th anniversary of it's establishment, it celebrated the event with a concert, again in Los Angeles.

The Promise of Tomorrow

The Promise of Tomorrow, Part Two of the Greek Heritage Society's award winning series, The Greeks of Southern California — Through the Century, is the universal story of the Greek American experience as seen through the eyes of those who settled in Southern California.

The Documentary highlights the first and second generation of Greek Americans and the changing face of our community. Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis hosts the documentary, with additional narration by John Kapelos, as it explores the way in which the Greek American community has become an integral part of American history while maintaining a strong and unique Greek identity.

The Pioneers, 1900-1942

In 2002, GHS completed Part One, The Pioneers: 1900-1942, highlighting the achievements of early Greek immigrants. The Pioneers premiered at 20th Century Fox Studios and received the prestigious Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board. The film also was awarded "Best Documentary" at the 2003 International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece.

To Read more about The Greek Heritage Society of Southern California, Click here

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