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Global Greek Events - Greek Elections 2009 - With a Touch of Humour!!!

Photo Source: Unknown

And the Greek People have voted.....Presenting the ideal Prime Minister for Greece, Giorgo-Costas Kar-andreou!!!

Photo Source: ATSARANTOS

George n' Costas

Photo source: ATSARANTOS

Obama - OMama!!

Photo source: ATSARANTOS

Reporter Nikos Hatzinicolaou: Mr Papandreou, What will change in Greece if PASOK is elected to govern?

G A Papandreou (GAP) : First of all we will no longer be known as PsoroCostaina (traditional nickname for Greece back in the days when it was a very poor country)

Reporter: And what will we be known as?

GAP: PsoroGeorgena!!!

Joking aside, this weekend is Election weekend in Greece with PM Costa Karamanlis winding up the campaigning with his speech at Nea Dimokratia's Election Rally at Pedion tou Areos in Athens last night!

Now it's time to think before casting our votes tomorrow, for those of us who vote in

Our only criteria is what's best for
Greece and our people, both in Greece and all over the world. Whichever party wins the elections, we want them to put Greece and it's interests, both domestic and international, above everything else and that means taking many decisive and effective steps starting from Day 1! Greece does not have the luxury of time to grant any government 100 days to adjust!

Steps must be taken to save the economy from it's downward spiral and this involves a lot of things –

imposing and collecting taxes equitably, from each and everyone who earns income and not just the salaried employees,

cracking down on all those who seek and get payments on the side, forcing people to bear unbearable debt burdens just so that they can obtain medical treatment or education for themselves or their loved ones, things to which they are entitled as part of a functional and organised society,

collecting social security payments from all, employees and public or private sector employers alike, to ensure continuity of pensions and benefits for those who qualify,

ensuring that everyone gets paid fairly, and does the work they are paid to do, whether they are in the public or private sector, whether or not they are related to, or political cronies of, the people in power,

ensuring that the public service is streamlined and brought down to manageable proportions so that it is not a burden to the National Economy by appointing employees based on their qualifications and their ability to do their job, not who they know, and by providing objectives and incentives to all employees, to ensure the high quality of the services provided to the public-at-large

and above all,

enforcing the laws of the country which should be applicable to everyone irrespective of the status of the person involved, rich or poor, whether they have connections to the corridors of power or not.

We personally will applaud any government that puts an end to the endemic corruption in our country and which effectively has placed us in this unenviable position. It is time to act to change all this and it needs to be changed from the top down!

The best way to lead is by example…

Think, and above all, vote wisely!

Kali Psifo :)

For those who love the classic Black and White Greek Movies here is one, very appropriate one, Yparxei kai Filotimo, with Lambros Konstandaras as Mavrogialouro, the consummate Greek politician...not much has changed in the over 40 years since then but we are hoping that our politicians have finally got the message and that from tomorrow things will change for the better!!!!!!

To read what the main parties have to say, their election platforms, rallies, speeches and to see photos and TV, spots click on each name

Nea Demokratia (New Democracy)

PASOK (Pan Hellenic Socialist Party)

KKE (Greek Communist Party)

SYRIZA (Coalition of the Left and Progressive Parties)

LAOS (People's Orthodox Movement)

Oikologoi Prasinoi (Ecologist Green Party)

Many thanks to fellow blogger Atsarantos, the source of most of our funny pix above and to Mary M (Greece) and Jim C (NZ) for sending them to us!

To find out more about the elections, Click here

For LIVE Election Coverage
on Sunday 4th October, on radio and television, Click here

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