Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Global Greek Events - "Aegean From Above" Photography Exhibition at Athens International Airport

Paros - Photographer: Yiannis Yiannelos

Photography Exhibition at Athens International Airport

Athens International Airport – Yiannis Yiannelos – Militos Archives

(June 1stAugust 30th, 2009)

Whether coming or going, Athens airport passengers and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy one more photography exhibition organised by Athens International Airport and Militos Editions, in cooperation with photographer Yiannis Yiannelos.

This unique exhibition is based on a special selection of 12 aerial photographs from the successful editionAegean from Aboveby Militos Editions, reflecting the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, and is on display from June 1st through August 30th, 2009.

The viewer is taken on a virtual flight over the magnificent Aegean islands complex, through the poetic approach of photographer Yiannis Yiannelos. The magical beauty and the mystical culture of the Archipelago, the villages, churches, and antiquities, are all capturedfrom aboveby the lens of the photographer, in a most sensitive and emotive manner.

Open on a 24-hour basis, at the Arrivals Level / Entrance 1 (Extra Schengen), the exhibition is a must see and is accessible to all airport visitors.

For more information contact Symeon Tsalicoglou,

Director International Relations

Militos Editions


To view or buy the book Click here

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