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Χριστός Ανέστη - Χρόνια Πολλά! Christos Anesti - Kalo Pascha to All!

To Aghio Fos
Photo Source: Konstantina Moutos

Megalo Savvato last night and the  Midnight Resurrection (Anastasi) Service is the culmination of Holy week.
At the stroke of Midnight as the Priest chants Defte Lavete Fos, everyone clambers to be the first to light his or her candle from the Aghio Fos. This is the Holy Light which arrived in Greece earlier in the day from the Holy Sepulcher in the Holy Lands. 
Anastasi at Aghia Sophia, Neo Psychiko Athens
Photo Source: Konstantina Moutos

Apart from the spiritual fulfillment and sense of renewal, once the service is over it is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and be with family, to exchange the traditional kisses and wish each other 'Christos Anesti' (Christ is Risen) and 'Alithos Anesti'! (Truly, He is Risen). 

Easter Sunday (Kyriaki tou Pascha) today and we are roasting our lamb - either in the oven or on the traditional spit and spend much of the day eating and drinking trying to see who will win in the traditional Tsougrisma of the Eggs! ( we have yet to find a good translation for this we have left it in Grenglish).

It is wonderful to note that many Greek communities around the world make the Anastasi and Easter Day celebrations a Community event so that all members can come, bringing their family and friends, both Greek and non-Greek, to join in the festivities.

These are special memories to hold on to and cherish - a time of bonding of families and reinforcement of the traditions of our Hellenic upbringing, traditions which are timeless
and hold strong no matter where we are in the world! 

Easter Sunday is also Kyriaki tis Agapis, the Sunday of Love, with the Agapi service later in the day, with the Evangelio (Gospel) being  read in various languages, Italian, Arabic, Russian and others, proclaiming the universal message of the Resurrection, Rebirth, Hope, Love and Peace for all.

We have chosen to end this series of posts on Greek Holy Week  as we started it!
Listen to this beautiful and unique rendition of Christos Anesti by Irene Papas from her collaboration with Vangelis Papathanassiou...two of our wonderful Global Greeks!

Χριστός Ανέστη εκ νεκρών, 

θανάτω θάνατον πατήσας 

και τοις εν τοις μνήμασιν, 

Ζωήν χαρισάμενος


Christos Anesth ek nekron 

Thanato thanato patisas 

Kai tis en ths mnimasi 

Zoi xarisamenos 


Christ is risen from the dead 

Crushing death with His death

Giving the gift of life

To all those lying in their tombs


To all our friends in the Global Greek World who are celebrating today...

Christos Anesti!  

Kalo Pascha kai Chronia Polla!! 

Have a Truly Blessed  Easter!
A traditional Greek Easter Greeting Card

All photos are from the GGW archives unless otherwise mentioned.  

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  1. As an expat Englishman living in Crete, I love your website. I would like to ask you a favour. I am adapting my book "A Glimpse of Heaven, an introduction to Greek churches and worship for visitors" into Kindle format. I would very much like to use your photo of the Easter Matins as an illustration. Could you give permission or ask the photographer's permission? I will, of course, acknowledge copyright in the book and include a link to your site on my own blog and facebook page Thank you for your time.

    Best Wishes

    Chris Moorey


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