Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Global Greek Ads: From Australia For Woolworths - Papou Stavros and Yiayia Maria ...

A very clever ad highly popular in Australia and not just among the Greek speakers! 

The couple could be Italian, Spanish or from any other Mediterranean country, but Stavros and Maria are your 'typical' Greek Australian couple living somewhere in the suburbs. As they are of Greek origin they know the value of fresh food so they grow their own in their garden...unfortunately they have to compete with the pigeons for it, so they have set up their own control mechanism.   Woolworths is probably telling us that rather than do all that to ensure your supply of fresh food, you are much better off getting it from Woolworths...

For those that don't understand the dialogue

Maria: (Ah, look at that!!) Stavro! Stavro! Birds!!! They'll eat your tomatoes. Do something!

Stavros: Oh those birds. I'll shoo them off.

Maria: You're no good sitting there, do something! They'll eat all your tomatoes. Look at them. For God sake, shoo them away!

Stavros: Ok, I got rid of them.

Maria: Yes? Good are they gone? Good.

Stavros: Now I can get back to reading my newspaper.

Maria: For once you did something right! 
Thanks to WE LOVE THE OLD GREEK COUPLE FROM THE WOOLWORTHS AD Facebook group for the translation.

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